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September 12 @ 7pm

Pontoppidan Members - This is about YOUR church. Your place of worship. Where you serve, share, learn and congregate. We are entering into an all important study to look at what we are currently doing and to look at our future. Professional consultants are engaged in leading this event. Please see their invite below.

See you at Pontoppidan on September 12 at 7PM.


Paul Linstad


Listening to God - The Future of Pontoppidan

On Tuesday, September 12 at 7pm, Pont will take an important first step towards discerning our future. Rev. Pete Reuss from GSB Consulting will be with us as we begin a strategic planning process with an evening of conversation.

Your voice matters! This is a time for Pontoppidan to discern the next steps for your ministry. Every perspective helps get to that point.

  • This process will have an impact on Pontoppidan for years to come. One night's engagement will make a huge difference in your future.

  • The evening will have a lot of time for small, table conversations. Don't worry about talking in front of a large group. We'll make space for each person to engage. 

  • This is just one phase of the process. A congregation-wide survey will come later in September. 

When this entire process is complete, we'll have a clear sense of WHO we are as a congregation, along with what we will DO together over the next few years.

It begins with conversations on the 12. Time is of the essence, so we're jumping right in. We'll begin at 7:00 and go for two hours. See you there!

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